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Tractive App//

A mockup for a client. Tractive is a tracker app for parents to use on their phone which can track a child's active and inactive time. The child gets rewarded time for video game activity if they input the appropriate physical activity, and monitor when a child has overdone their time on gaming.

ABA Connect Site//

ABA Connect was a site made for a client who started up a mission to help special needs children. The site is covered with kid friendly soft colors, fun icons, CSS3 animations and a contact form for users to directly mail the client. The site is also mobile responsive.

Click here to view the website

Game Poster Illustrations//

To expand on Photoshop painting skills, a series of illustrative video game posters are in the works.

Art Academy Guide Website//

Art Academy is a downloadable app for the Nintendo WiiU gaming console. The app is a sketchpad and coloring tool for users to create art on. However, it provides no instructions on how to use, which has lead many users to confusion on where to start. This website provides some basic step by steps on how to utilize the tools, build up layers, and properly export their artwork online.

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'Twist' Energy drink website//

A mock website to promote the Twist Energy Drink. This site was created for the purpose of trying out some of the new HTML5 features like hover fading and keyframe animations. Each page holds these features, acting in their own manner, direction and speed.

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Club 1UP//

It’s the nightclub for the nerds. This is a website designed for a hypothetical nightclub. The design is a spin off of the retro 80s arcade machines, with bright bars of colors, while still keeping a modern tone with vector sharp edges. The logo’s typography was given an “electro” appearance, having very thick lines and thin negative spaces in relation to classic arcade type. The purpose was to explore new PHP code and Jquery, then apply these techniques.

Click here to view the site.

St. Anthony in the Hills//

A site created to update its previous design, St. Anthony in the Hills is a campground that hosts numerous summer camps for children. The design itself is meant to have a summer taste, and appear kid-friendly. The subtle teal with a splash of bright orange gives it an energetic feel; the same way kids play in a summer camp. This site is also a successful experiment for use of Jquery page scrolling.

Click here to view the site.

Various Illustration Posters//

The Lego Movie Poster

Captain America : The Winter Soldier Poster

Nikon Infographic on Camera Ownership//

At Sposto Interactive a client asked for us to update their current infographic to look more professional and consistant. Several versions of this infographic were produced until it was narrowed down to this one. Keeping a theme throughout with black banners, similar font weights and sizes was the objective. Illustrations were kept to a minimum, appearing flat with 1 color to tie into the simplicity of the overall design.

Nintendo Poster Illustration Series//

An ongoing series of illustrated posters featuring some of my beloved Nintendo characters and games. Pictures are initially sketched out on paper, then brought into Adobe Illustrator for color.

The Legend Of Zelda : The Wind Waker

Pokemon Starters : Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle

Metroid : Samus Aran and Power Suit, Super Metroid

The Legend Of Zelda : Skyward Sword

The Legend Of Zelda : Majora`s Mask

Personified School Subjects//

Taking four basic school subjects such as Science, Literature, Math and Art, and personifying them into human stereotypes. Each character is meant to vary from each other physically; no one has the same eyes, hair color, hairstyle, outfit and even light source. The characters were also given props fitted to their respective stereotypes so the viewer can recognize what each represents. The basic layout stays the same throughout; each illustration features the character right in the center with a circular object behind their head.

Little Red Riding Hood Book Cover//

An illustration of the well-known fairytale made to be a book cover. This style is intended to be cute and appealing to young children, with Red Riding Hood herself having bright colors and great innocent eyes. The typography treatment is a simplified thick script to fit the classic tale yet still look child friendly. Started out as a hand drawn pencil illustration on paper that was painted using Photoshop.


Drive 600 Sales Campaign Poster//

Made for the EBY-brown company firm in Baltimore, Maryland. Their campaign was entering its 2013 fiscal year, which was indicated on the mile meter of the graphic. It was made into a poster with adjustable needles. The right odometer moved when progress was made, and the left when entering a new month. The overall look was to be sleek, professional and clean, so the graphic was created in Illustrator as a vector.

'The Zelda 64' Nintendo 64 Mod.//

A Nintendo 64 console that was modified in several ways. The design is similar to the 'Hylian Crest' from the beloved The Legend Of Zelda video game series, yet still custom made to not only have more of a personality but to also fit proportionally onto the console. The console and controller were taken apart and painted. The motherboard inside was wired in with nine LEDs (light emitting diode). Five blue, and four white shining through the side vents, top vent and controller ports.


My name is Holly Figenshu, born December 6 1990. I have taken a great liking to both web building and website designing. I also have a deep love for illustration.
I first started playing with website building around age 12, and have always been drawing since I could pick up a pencil.


Programs & Skills//

    Works best in
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Dreamweaver
  • InDesign
  • Adobe Animate
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Responsive web
  • Wordpress
  • Wacom Tablet
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint

Questions, comments or interested in more?

The best way to contact me is my gmail: hollyefig@gmail.com

You can also reach me on my Linkedin