What is ABA?
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) utilizes behavior methods to improve socially significant behavior. In other words, ABA targets critical areas in the child’s life. This may include academic, communication, and social needs. ABA interventions are monitored with data collection to determine effectiveness, and modifications are made when the child is not displaying progress. Parents/guardians, family, and education team are all involved in programming to support your child in generalizing these skills across settings.
Who is qualified to develop ABA programs?
The Behavior Analysis Certification Board was formed to ensure those developing ABA programs are highly qualified professionals. The board requires any Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) candidate to go through education, supervision, and experience before taking an exam to become a BCBA. For more information visit the BACB website bacb.com.
How do I know my child needs ABA therapy?
If your child is diagnosed with autism or a developmental disability they may benefit from ABA therapy. ABA is not a cure, however, it is the only treatment for those with autism that has been consistently supported by research. If you are interested in further information there are research articles under resources.
What children do you serve?
We serve any child who has needs in the following areas: communication, behavioral, and/or socially.
If my child has autism, what will my insurance cover?
Pennsylvania’s Autism Insurance ACT as known as ACT 62, specifies that insurance must pay up to $36,000 per year for diagnostic assessment and treatment for children with autism who are under the age of 21.
What is the signup process?
Once you reach out to ABA Connect through email or phone we can begin the process. APPLY TODAY
What areas do you serve?
We provide services to children who live in Bucks County and Montgomery County.
Should I purchase materials for ABA therapy?
Yes, families are encouraged to purchase the ABA materials that are needed for therapy. A list of the materials needed will be provided to you by the BCBA. Purchasing the materials will give the family the opportunity to continue with teaching the new skills after the therapist has left the home.