Wreck-It Ralph Movie Showing

A gamer's dream has come true with Disney's new "Wreck-It Ralph" CGI-animated film. Come see it premiering for a limited time from Thursday, December 6 to Sunday, December 11.

Super SMASHED Bros Brawl Tournament

Think you got what it takes with a little alcohol? Sign up now! (Oh, and Metanight along with Pit are still banned, noob)

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Tuesday Night DDR Contest

Show off your real dance skills. We have various DDR machines in the Arcade room. We highly suggest you don't drink before you play (actually we're just tired of cleaning vomit off the machines)

Tuesday Nights from 6pm-9pm

Wednesday Night Pokemon Battles

Fire up your Gameboys and DS's, and become the very best like no one ever was. Gamelink cables are provided. No legendarys, please.

Wednesday Nights from 6pm-9pm

Thursday Night MarioKart Competition

From the original SNES to the latest Wii version, we have a track for everyone. Except Wario Stadium.

Thursday Nights from 7pm-10pm

Friday Night Halo LAN Party

Featuring Halo 1-3, (4 is on the way!) ODST, and Reach. Please refrain from the "Your Mom" jokes (She might be driving you home)

Friday Nights from 7pm-10pm

Saturday Night Mario Party

Every Mario Party available. We prefer the N64 versions, because of Chance Time. Remember, Don't steal your friend's star if they're drunk, and make sure you actually have enough coins to get a star before using that magic lamp...

Saturday Nights from 7pm-2am

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Magic: The Gathering Tournament

Bring out your best decks as we are hosting another Magic: The Gathering Tournament. The event will be hosted in the Card Room. Sign up here or at the club.

Friday, November 30 5pm-2am thru Saturday, December 1 5pm-2am.

Tetris Tournament

A classic favourite, Tetris has been available from classic game consoles to phones (most likely when you're taking a dump, though). The event will be hosted in the TV section, finals will be hosted in the Projector room. There are only 30 spots available! Sign up here or at the club.

Thursday, November 29 5pm-2am

Mortal Kombat Tournament

The beloved and original fighting game in all it's button mashing glory, the Mortal Kombat Tournament will be hosted in the projector room. There are only 20 spots available! Sign up here or at the club.

Wednesday, December 5 5pm-12am