The Nightclub For The Nerds
There are Sportsbars for jocks. Casino bars for gamblers. Gentlemen clubs get it. So there should be no reason a nightclub specially for gamers shouldn't exist. This is Club1UP, a mature take on what our parents thought was a "childhood hobby". For those of us who physically grew up, but not mentally.

Club1UP provides an atmosphere equivalent to a grown-up gamer's dream, featuring tons of arcade machines, video game and trading card game tournaments, and of course, a bar and dance floor. Win some games and you could win some drinks, and a date (maybe). Participate in our weekly tournaments, and keep an eye out for our special tournaments. Sign up and win some prizes (like money and more alcohol!) Or just socialize with fellow gamer lovers. This nightclub was made by nerds, for nerds.

Ask About Our VIP Offer!
Frequent visitor? Wanna get more outta your game? Acquire our VIP membership and your entry will always be free! Our VIP offers special discounts on drinks and table reservations. You can also rent out the TV Lounge or Projector Room! Signing up for an event that has limited spots? As a VIP member you are guarenteed a spot in any event you sign up for! What's not to love? If you are interested, you must obtain the VIP application at our establishment.