The Arcade Room

Our most beloved room, the Arcade Room. With over 60 classic arcade machines, we've got the old school 8-bit, to the 3D, virtual surfboarding/shooting/racing, the ever-popular DDR, and even pinball machines ranging from the 1970's to today. Our machines also spit out tickets if you reach a certain score, which can buy you some free drinks! How's that for motivation?

The TV Lounge

Better known as the LAN/tournament room, this is where a lot of our nightly video game tournaments happen. We've got 10 plasma screen TVs, HD quality, each carrying a Wii, PS3 and Xbox360. The room is always busy and if you wanna know just what goes on here on (an almost) daily basis, check out the Events page.

The Projector Room

This room's main purpose is movie screenings and tournament finals for any of our special gaming events. An 8' wide projector screen complete with surround sound (but no popcorn, sorry!). Comfy seats are reserved for the gamers that participate in the finals, but they are removed on movie screenings and replaced with beanbags. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the projector room (we take this particular area seriously!)

The Bar

We wouldn't really qualify as a nightclub without a bar, right? Like most bars, we serve drinks. We've got menus. And we've got specials. But unlike most bars, we also carry some more unique and distinct drinks like red potions, Charmander shots (on fire!), Plasma grenades, and our unbiased favorite - the 1up shroom.

Dance Floor

Acquiring a retro light-up dance floor was half the reason we established this place...ok just kidding. But it's cool right? We can even modify it to become a Tetris game. Having a dancefloor is part of being a nightclub, and really, we wouldnt be complete without one. Along with a DJ and stereo system. (but seriously, it looks like Tetris doesn't it?)

Card Room

Our more well-lit room that is absent of loud music, the card room is where trading card enthusiasts gather to battle. Whether it's Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh, you're very likely to find someone who shares your favorite fandom to play. up to 20-sided dice can be provided. Don't think of this room as being peaceful though. Trust us, there is a lot of yelling.