Our Vision

St. Anthony in the Hills, a 142 acre tract of land located in Avondale, Pennsylvania just over the Delaware State Line offers a variety of diverse facilities in a beautiful, natural setting. It is the hope that children and families, individuals and organizations from all areas can come to the Hills to grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

St. Anthony in the Hills came into being thanks to the dedication and commitment from many volunteers and the donation of recycled materials. The vision of the Hills was born from a leader in the community of St. Anthony of Padua in Wilmington, Delaware, Father Robert Balducelli. He originally identified the need for a natural haven, where children, individuals and families could have positive experiences through sports, recreational activities and enrichment programs that would help strengthen one's resolve against the negative elements facing families and our youth. It is a focus to help inner city and at risk or disadvantaged children by providing a place for them to grow in all aspects of life.

Today, in addition to camps and clubs using the numerous facilities, families and businesses also take advantage of the diverse opportunities available. Thanks to the support of foundations and individual donors, we continue to expand and grow our facilities and programs year after year for the enrichment of those who visit there.